Reasons for the popularity of anodized aluminum covers

Cosmetics, health care products, beverages and other industries often use bottles for packaging, and the use of anodized aluminum caps with these bottles has a complementary effect. Because of this, anodized aluminum caps are so popular. So, what are the advantages of this new type of packaging lid?

First, in terms of material, it uses high-quality aluminum, which is healthy and hygienic, does not rust, and is easy to open, and it can be opened without auxiliary tools.

Second, the electrochemical aluminum cover has a series of properties such as shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance, and it is also non-toxic and harmless, and has good sealing performance.

Third, aluminum has strong plasticity. It can be produced in different shapes according to customer requirements, and it can also be used for color printing, embossing, milling, and bright gold and silver.

Fourth, the appearance of the electrochemical aluminum cover is beautiful and generous, and it is used in the packaging field, which can make the product taller and improve the grade and value of the product.

In short, the performance of the electrochemical aluminum cap is superior, and the effect of using it with various bottles is excellent.
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