What color is best for glass essential oil bottles?

The factors that affect the quality of essential oils include not only the raw materials themselves, but also the packaging. The material of the bottle, the design of the cap, and the specifications of the dropper all require attention.
What most people are curious about is, does the color of the glass bottle also have an impact?
Of course, this is true, because the color of the glass bottle is used to avoid light, prevent UV damage, and reduce photocatalysis.
Therefore, under normal circumstances, essential oil bottles do not need to be transparent, unless the glass bottle you use is specially made and has an anti-UV coating, but this is very rare!
Common glass bottle colors
brown, or tea green blue, or purple
I have also seen black!
What's the difference?
The main differences are aesthetic and protective factors

To put it simply, the darker the color, the more light it is protected from and the less chance of oxidation of essential oils! When essential oils are degraded, it affects their quality and effectiveness!

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