Choosing the right cosmetic packaging materials

In daily life, we often talk about choosing the right cosmetics, but we seldom pay attention to the choice of cosmetic packaging materials. For cosmetic suppliers or manufacturers, this is a big problem. This article will analyze the choice of cosmetic packaging materials from the following three materials.

1. Aerosol products

There are four main states of aerosol products in cosmetic packaging materials, including aerosol, powder, foam and flow. Different states have different functions and effects. The aerosol system formed by the aerosol product can improve the atomization effect and increase the atomization effect. The perfumes, colognes and even insecticides we usually use are all aerosol-like aerosol products, and they all have this extremely important role in daily life.

Second, the valve

The basic structure of the valve includes: valve core, inner gasket, outer gasket, fixed cover and so on. Each part has a different function, and their mutual fusion together constitutes a valve, realizes the valve's due function, and guarantees the use effect of its cosmetics.

Three, tinned tin cans

After coating and lithographic printing, the top cover and bottom of the tin-plated cans must be sealed, and then they can be made through a series of processes. The thickness of tinned tin cans is carefully calculated to ensure that it has a certain pressure resistance. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that tin-plated tin cans are prone to corrosion and rust when they are filled with water substrates, so they cannot be used.

Different materials have different characteristics. We can determine the specific selection of the correct cosmetic packaging materials according to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the products.
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